Friday, October 8, 2010

Accountant Nation...

Peggy Noonan's got a good piece up.  An excerpt:
Government not only can change the national character, it can bizarrely channel national energy. And this is another theme in my mailbox, the rebellion against what government increasingly forces us to become: a nation of accountants.

No matter what level of life in which you operate, you are likely overwhelmed by forms, by a blizzard of regulations, rules, new laws. This is not new, it's just always getting worse. Priests are forced to be accountants now, and army officers, and dentists. The single most onerous part of ObamaCare is the tax change whereby spending $600 on goods or services will require a 1099 form. Economists will tell you of the financial cost of this, but I would argue that Paperwork Nation is utterly at odds with the American character.
It's an interesting take, one that I wouldn't have used to describe my own motivations.  And yet, everything she cites resonates strongly with me.

November 2 is our opportunity to clean house.  Use it. 

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