Sunday, August 22, 2010

Roof Update: Now With Photos!

I made it up on the roof today and took a couple snaps:

It's actually starting to look like a roof!

The ridge caps are the very last part to go on.  They can only do those after all the panels are up.

If it rains now, we're gonna have lots of little leaks.  Fortunately the chances of rain are approximately zero...

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  1. Repost of earlier question that either slipped by you or perhaps you chose not to answer (can't imagine that is true): Have been thinking about why you chose red? The last time we chose a roof color we went for as light a color as possible, reasoning that the more light we reflected the better. Of course the roof is going to get hot whatever color it is so emissive power of the roof is important too. Did SlightlyLoony do all the calcs to come up with the perfect roof color to keep the house cool or did Mrs. SlightlyLoony choose the color she liked best, or perhaps some combination of both. Inquiring minds want to know!