Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Another AGW Trope Bites the Dust!

The anthropogenic global warming crowd has found supposed effects of global warming all over the place (think polar bears and drowning islands).  One of these effects, given much credence over the past decade or so by scientists, was the demise of the cave bear.  For whatever reason, this didn't seem to catch fire in the public imagination – but to biologists and anyone studying historical ecosystems, an explanation for the cave bear's extinction was sorely needed.  And global warming seemed to fit the bill perfectly, with the timing of the cave bear's decline matching the timing of alleged global warming quite nicely.

Oops.  Not so much.  Looks like those danged Homo sapiens were at it again – they wanted the caves (and maybe those herbivorious bears were tasty, too!).

It's also interesting how the mainstream science media (which Science Daily, the linked-to site above, is an example of) treads very gently and carefully on this topic.  The study they're reporting on demolishes one of the examples the AGW folks held up and trumpeted as an obvious negative consequence of global warming – but you'll have to read that article very carefully to see even a hint of that...

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