Friday, July 23, 2010

The Roof Project: Update...

Well, we're a few days into the project now, and we're still very pleased with progress.  The old roof is now entirely gone; we've got bare wood exposed to the elements.  With the old roofing material gone, some problem areas were exposed (mainly some deteriorated wood toward the bottom of the roof), and these will need to be fixed.  Some of the fascia boards are warped, and Chris (the roofing contractor) is going to fix those as well. 

One piece of the red metal fascia cover is now in place – a bright red horizontal stripe that looks very colorful indeed, given the large area of surrounding white or dull colors.  Debbie is very happy with the color.  Let's hope that continues when the entire roof is covered.

I'm thinking that this red is so bright that we'll easily be able to spot our house when we fly into or out of San Diego (nearly all flights pass with 10 miles or so, high overhead).  Our roof will look like a multi-megawatt beacon.  It might even be visible from space!

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