Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Real “Great Depression”...

The press of late has taken to calling our current recession “The Great Depression”.  Accepting this characterization requires either a breathtaking ignorance of history or a complete disregard for the objective truth.  Either way, not a vote of confidence in our lamestream media.

The photo at right is one of many iconic photos of impoverished Americans in the 1930s.  My own father remembers those years – just 70 years ago, a mere blink ago in the historical record.  In that Great Depression, millions of Americans were under existential threat – lacking such basics as food and shelter.  The recent history of the area where I live (Southern California) was greatly affected by the mass migration of the “Okies” from the dustbowl of Texas and Oklahoma.

In today's press-styled “Great Depression”, nothing even remotely comparable is taking place.  Our lamestream media is doing the nation a great disservice by pretending otherwise.  But then there's nothing new about the lamestream media doing the nation a disservice, is there?

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