Monday, June 14, 2010

Morning Walk...

I've missed these early morning walks for the past three weekdays, as I was in Arizona on business.  This morning was clear, with a light haze, and moonless.  The Milky Way was easily visible overhead, though not as crisp as it can be out here.  Venus was high in the eastern sky, by far the brightest object in the sky.

The dogs did their usual random things until we were about halfway down the driveway.  At that point, nearly simultaneously, all four (yes, even the border collie!) smelled something – and four noses hit the deck in tracking mode.  Shortly thereafter, all four were pulling strongly toward a pepper tree in the northeast corner of our yard – and I heard rustling underneath it.  I've no idea what sort of beast visited us, but the dogs clearly knew, and wanted to go investigate.  Sure wish they could talk to us!

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