Saturday, May 22, 2010

Et Tu, Science?

The mainstream media of science has, in general, circled the wagons with respect to ClimateGate – they are, without significant exception that I'm aware of, uniformly credulous of the IPCC report and dismissive of the rather obvious misbehavior of the scientists exposed in ClimateGate.  One by one, I've been deciding not to renew my subscriptions to these magazines; I'm now more confident of information I (very carefully) get on the web.  Most recently I've decided not to renew my subscription to Scientific American, which I've taken continuously since 1973.  The only remaining science publication I subscribe to is Science News, which (so far) has basically remained out of the debate, while reporting the actual news on all fronts.

I haven't subscribed to Science for many years, but their recent editorial has been all over the intertubes.  Willis Eschenbach does a nice takedown of it.

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