Friday, April 9, 2010

This Is A Problem...

When the government steals takes as taxes such a high percentage of your income, how do you encourage the kids to follow the classic American path – work hard and prosper?  Via Amy L.

Last night as I drove home, I got to pondering the high taxes that loom in our near future.  As many others have noted, the younger a person is, the more they are screwed by these impending taxes.  I probably won't be in the workforce for more than another ten years or so – but someone who is (say) 30 years old today will likely be in the workforce for forty years, and maybe more.  For four decades they will watch 40% or more (I'm guessing) of their paycheck disappear into the maw of Big Government – and reappear in the hands of those content to mooch from the public teat.

Doesn't sound like a great motivator to me.  Here's an easy prediction: the more we move in that direction, the more of our young citizens will decide that mooching is better than the alternative.

Are you pissed off yet?


  1. I'm 33. Priced out of a house by lying moochers. Now the rest of my money is paying their mortgage, further pricing me out of the market. Next, my savings will be destroyed by inflation. I'm thrilled.