Saturday, April 17, 2010

Obama Popularity Map...

Interesting map via Real Clear Politics in a post I linked to yesterday.  This map got me thinking, so I'm highlighting it here.  The dark blue states are where Obama has a +10% or more approval rating, the light blue a +5% or more, and so on down to the dark red where his rating is -10% or more.

Note first that the blue states are all those with our largest cities, the traditional strongholds of both Democrats and unions.  The dark red states are all completely unsurprising – exactly where you'd expect a (now proven) progressive to be disliked.

But there are a few surprises to me on this map, and I think this bodes very ill for the Democrats in November, barring some kind of miracle (like, say, a spectacular economic recovery).  Consider these states: Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Florida.  These are all states you'd expect to be gung-ho supporters of a progressive President – but they are not.  There are varied reasons for this per state, but overall it looks like Obama has managed to alienate an interesting percentage of even his base.  Great!

Combine this with the high level of energy on the anti-Obama side of the equation, and I'm starting to feel downright optimistic about November.  The past tells me I shouldn't be – there are just too many sheeple running around worrying about weighty matters like pink disco balls – but I just can't help it...

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