Saturday, December 12, 2009

ClimateGate: Spotted in the Lamestream Media...

This is interesting both on its face, and for the fact that it was published by that well-known right-leaning institution called CBS News:
What irks the APS members circulating the petition are not claims that CO2 has been increasing for a century and that the Earth is warming; Lewis says the planet has been warming for thousands of years without our help, especially since the Little Ice Age a few hundred years ago. Instead, the physicists are concerned about the APS's claim that the science is settled on the question of the causal link between the two -- a claim that underpins the Copenhagen conference, the Democratic cap and trade proposals, and the EPA's announcement this week that CO2 is dangerous to human health.
APS is the American Physical Society, the main American organization for physicists.  I've posted about the internal debate there, which is mainly exhibiting the tension between the APS members support for good science (which ClimateGate revealed was not happening at the CRU) and other APS members inclinations for activism in support of AGW mitigation. 

It is so good to see the sunlight shining on this issue...

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