Thursday, December 24, 2009

Around Our House...

...are animals.  Lots of animals.  More animals than most people could imagine sharing their space with.  Only crazy people like us would think this was a desiable situation.

Our four dogs (seen here posing in front of our Christmas tree) and seven cats are quite happy today.  The dogs got presents (tug toys that squeak – everything a dog could desire) and everybody got lots of yummy food.  At right, the dogs are (clockwise starting with the black-and-white border collie): Racer, Mo'i, Lea, and Miki.   The angelic-looking kitty framed by the wreath is Halala Pala, affectionately known as the “Ha”.  He is the king of deception; his angelic looks conceal a devil on loan from Hades.  Curled up asleep is Maka Lea, who also looks angelic and innocent – but who actually is a well-practiced bully that rules the feline hierarchy here with unrelenting claw and vigilance.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all 12 of my regular readers!


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  1. It's obedience, a direct result of Debbie's intensive agility training with all four dogs. They all sat still, in various poses, for about 15 minutes of photography...