Saturday, October 20, 2007

We Won!

Last Sunday we took a lovely day trip, driving up the back roads through the coastal mountains and high desert to Mt. San Jacinto. Along the way, in Mountain Center (not far from Idyllwild) we stopped at an animal sanctuary we've visited many times before: Living Free. It's a "no kill" shelter that does a particularly nice job with its three catterys, and we stop there to immerse ourselves in felines for an hour or so. We didn't know they had a fund-raiser going on, but they did -- so we contributed a little, and got a couple of raffle tickets in return. I can't imagine how many of these raffle tickets we've "purchased" in the past, but the number is a large one. We've never won anything before.

But this time, we won the first place drawing. If you know us at all, you will understand our amusement when we heard what the prize was: a small collection of Ken Norton memorobilia. Of course my first question was "Who the heck is Ken Norton?" I'd never heard of him. It turns out he is a world champion boxer, apparently most famous for having beaten Muhammed Ali. We have won a pair of his boxing gloves (don't know if they're used or not), an official Ken Norton coffee cup, and some kind of signed Ken Norton letter.

Anybody know something good we could do with this stuff?

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