Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Jamul Fire Help


Several people, including Daniel Tyack, wrote to say that the Jamul Fire Help site can now take donations by PayPal. We just made a donation; it was easy and fast. If you're not familiar with PayPal, it's the largest electronic payment service in the world, owned by eBay – it is very safe and reliable. I have used it personally for thousands of transactions.

Original Post:

I just heard from Daniel Tyack that he's helping the Jamul Community Church put up a web site to act as a hub for the effort to help our community rebuild. A worthy effort to be sure. You can find their new web site at If you need help, or if you can help those who need it, pay them a visit...please.


  1. Doantions can now be made via PayPal. See

  2. Tom, thanks for the support! As of yesterdays count we had 111 hits from your post! I got PayPal up and running today so spread the word :) Thanks Again