Monday, September 24, 2007

Jamul Casino Update

The effort by the Jamul Indian tribe to build a casino on State 94 has hit another roadblock: CalTrans has told the tribe that they need to supply more information before CalTrans can decide on their application for a permit to install a signal light and turn lanes on State 94, in front of the proposed casino's driveway. From the San Diego Union article:

Jacob said last week that the tribe should be treated the same as any other developer. She wants Caltrans to keep the tribe from using its historic driveway for a casino, even if it adds a stoplight there.

“If the tribe thinks that would create a safe situation on Highway 94 to use that driveway, they are dead wrong,” she said. “That would create a huge traffic-safety problem.”

Jacob noted that a developer building houses across the road from the tribe had to move access up to Melody Road and close its original driveway.

County Public Works Director John Snyder, who deals with roads and negotiates with Indian tribes over gambling projects, said it's a stretch to say the county wouldn't approve a casino driveway off Melody Road.

Previous applications by the tribe haven't had enough information for a proper environmental review, Snyder said.

“I haven't made up my mind,” he said.

Caltrans isn't taking a position on the suitability of the casino, agency spokesman Edward Cartagena said.

“We're sort of in the middle,” he said.

The agency's focus, he said, is to ensure the highway is safe. That includes taking into account whether the road can handle the number of cars the casino would likely add.

Like most residents of Jamul, I am very much opposed to this casino. I'm hoping that recent events incline the financial backers to give up on the project. This particular event looks to me like one more of the proverbial “death by 1000 cuts”. I hope so…

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  1. Interesting comments by Mr. Berman in a Nov 4 or 5 article...

    "Indian gaming is a very good business for us, but it's not where we intend to invest the revenue in the future," Berman, 66, said during a recent interview. "Indian gaming is not a growth business."

    Wonder what this means to projects that are still in the planning stages (JIV in particular)...