Friday, June 15, 2007

Help Identify This Hit-And-Run Driver!

Update and Bump:

Shona and Blaine still don't know who the hit-and-run driver was. Rack your brains, folks -- do you know anyone with a blue four-door sedan who might have been in Lawson Valley last Sunday (June 10)?

Original Post:

Driving home yesterday afternoon, just around the corner from our house I spotted this sign. One of the kids in our neighborhood was struck by a hit-and-run driver, and the parents are looking for information. The sign didn't say what kind of shape the kid was in, which worried me, so I called the number on the sign and got Shona (pronounced SHOW-nah) -- the mother of the boy who was hit by the car.

From the moment she started talking, she sounded far too cheerful to be worrying about a seriously injured son, so I worked up the courage to ask her about the situation. Her son is not seriously injured, thank goodness -- mostly he's suffering some abrasion "rashes". His younger brother witnessed it, and he's a little rattled by the whole experience. But they're ok, and that's the main thing.

A sheriff happened by shortly after the accident, and called in the CHP. Shona reports that the sheriff's deputy was very helpful, but that the CHP officer seemed more concerned about the registration for her kid's motorcycle. The officer told her that since they didn't have a license number (as mom points out, what's he supposed to do -- catch a glimpse as he's flying through the air?), the CHP couldn't do anything. One is forced to wonder if the officer has ever heard of the notion of a criminal investigation -- even I could think of a few things to do, starting with canvassing the neighborhood. Shona is quite frustrated by this lack of police enthusiasm, and understandably so. She's determined to do her best to find some information that will help identify the hit-and-run driver.

If you have any idea who this hit-and-run driver might be, please call Blaine or Shona at 619/659-8990.

All they know now is what their kids observed: that the car was a four-door sedan in a fairly light shade of blue. I'm sure you can imagine, just as I can, how badly they want to see some justice rendered. them if you can.

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