Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Super Mo'i!

This past weekend, Debbie and Mo’i were competing in agility trials held in Salt Lake City, Utah. The weather was very cool — just how Mo’i likes it — and he ran with unusual speed and energy. A photographer captured Mo’i just as he was charging out of the collapsible tunnel obstacle. Look at that face! Mo’i was having a grand old time out there!

Miki was also in Salt Lake City, but he was competing in conformation. Both Mo’i and Miki did well — Mo’i had two qualifying runs (both on the jumpers course), and was well under the course time on one of them. Miki got second place in one of his shows, but unfortunately there weren’t enough field spaniels competing for this to count.

Everybody is back home now, safe and sound…

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