Friday, February 23, 2007

Fortress Report

As I write this, my contractor continues his never-ending stream of lies, broken promises, and just plain immoral behavior. It’s really quite sad.

And quite annoying, since it’s my money he’s got, and my fortress he’s not building!

Several of my concerned readers have asked me privately to name this contractor, as they would like to avoid making the same mistake I did. Privately, I have responded to them — and if you’re about to make a decision on a concrete contractor, feel free to contact me!

However, I’m not quite ready to disclose his name publicly — although I’m very, very close. I’ve gotten some advice from an attorney on this matter, and there’s one more step I’m going to take before I’m ready to go public with the contractor’s name. In a few days, if I don’t have a positive response (meaning visible progress on the fortress), then I will name him here.

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