Sunday, January 7, 2007

Miki Report

Miki is almost a year old — still very much a puppy, but also starting to mature into a “real” dog. He’s developing a very sweet personality, too.

Yesterday we took him along on a hike we took (more on that in a subsequent post). He had a wonderful time with all the new smells, and playing in the snow and ice. Whenever there was an icy patch in the road we were walking on (a frequent occurrence!), he’d head for it — apparently to delight in the sensation of slipping and sliding. Something we’ve noticed about Miki is that he seems to really, really hate losing his balance or being flipped over. Our other dogs all treat this as part of playing, but not Miki — he’ll resist any attempt to knock him over, and very effectively, too. This makes his delight in the ice all the more mysterious.

As you can see in the photos, he is developing into a very nice specimen of a field spaniel. About the only “ding” we can see is that his ears are shorter than most field spaniels (a breed noted for its long, droopy ears, accentuated by long, curly hair on them). Other than that, he’s just about perfect…

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