Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Quote of the Day

From John Kass, in the Chicago Tribune:

So Kerry’s ridiculous elitism, burbling out of him as if he lives, as I suspect, entirely on a diet of lentils and club soda, is what the Republicans needed. It’s a big chunk of wood floating just above Republican hands in deep water.

This is from a liberal columnist in a liberal newspaper in a liberal city. Go read the whole thing.

Something I’d really like to know: is the mindset of John Kerry (D-Ketchup) as revealed by his recent copy actually news to most Americans? Because if it is … if it really takes a colossal put-your-foot-in-it comment like this to inform people … then what hope is there for a democracy to every elect someone on merit?

The Wall Street Journal chimed in with this:

Congratulations, Senator Clinton. Another competitor bites the dust.

Oh, that’s comforting.


  1. In the old blog, Bob Clay said:
    Kerry said it was all a botched joke. When did the war in Iraq become a joke? Are the 100+ soldiers that died last month also a joke? Kerry is the real joke.

  2. In the old blog, Anonymous said:
    How come it’s okay for Bush to make a joke video about not finding WMDs at the Press Club Dinner?Kerry may be a joke, but Bush is a tragedy.

  3. In the old blog, Bob Clay said:
    Bush didn’t denigrate our soldiers. Why are you afraid to use your name?