Friday, October 6, 2006


Several of my readers have (unaccountably) wondered why I haven’t blogged about Masturgate (the Foley affair), and have generally slowed way down on the political blogging.

The reaction of the politicians to Masturgate has completely disgusted me. On both sides of the aisle the worthless scum we elected have invented new ways to sink to new lows. The hypocritical, posturing Democrats (I give you Pelosi as a prime example) apparently believe that all of America has no memory at all — that we can’t remember Stubbs, Frank, Kennedy(s), Clinton and the seemingly endless demonstrations by Democrats of just how depraved and shameful humans can be. They want us to believe that the Republicans have a monopoly on perversion. And the Republican “leadership", trying so hard not to see, to be politically correct, and then running like the rats they are when they see the political winds blowing against them — they’re no better than the Democrats.

So I’ve lost my motivation. I’ll get it back, I’m sure, one of these fine days. But meanwhile, this refrain, invented by another blogger, keeps running through my head:

Washington politicians



(some assembly required)

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