Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Agility Report

And they did great! Here’s Debbie’s report:

We did have a wonderful weekend-I think the Mo really enjoyed some “mom alone” time. The courses on Friday were fun and fast. The JWW’s was a haul ass and run-Mo reallllly likes those. And the Standard was really fun, came in 9 or ten seconds under course time. Saturday-would have had the jumpers BUT mom failed to give a discrimination maneuver to him and he took the wrong jump. I felt so bad because he checked back with me and I didn’t tell him any different-my mistake-good dog! Then on the Standard he got a case of the WHAHOOS! The nose went down in the weave poles and then he was all over the place. HE did the table again, the teeter and the Aframe-too bad you don’t get extra credit for that!

Sunday’s jumpers he knocked a bar when I was doing a rear cross but I think I had him in the right position but he gathered incorrectly and just nicked it enough to bring it down. Then the Standard course was a little jerky on my part (all I could think of was this would be the last ExecA Standard & his title if we got it). I got to the table and put Mo on a sit and then realized the Judge wasn’t counting and I thought OHCRAPDOWN-told Mo to down left out the OH Crap part. Such a good boy you could hear the wind when he downed. We soooo fixed the table problem we used to have. And I slipped at the next to last jump and my signal went awry but he powered over it and finished clean with a little time under to spare.

The courses on Monday were fun and we just whooped them! Our first time in ExecB in both JWW’s and Standard and our first double queue-it just doesn’t get any better-I was so happy with the Mo.

So on his last two legs in ExecA Stand he took a second each time and we were one of two ExecA dogs to finish the coarse clean. Friday I think there were 25 ExecA 20inch dogs running against us and then down to 20 for his last leg. I got 7 perfect weave poles out of eight and lots of focus and one very happy tired brown dog! Who got lots of treats......

The bottom line: qualified in 5 of 8 runs, placed (second) in 2 runs, got his Excellent A title, and on his very first day as Excellent B in both jumpers and standard…he double Q’d (qualified on both jumpers and standard)!

Debbie is pretty tired, but Mo’i looks like he’s ready to rumble some more. Watch out, border collies — the Mo Man is on your tail!

Note: this was posted over Debbie’s protest — but I thought it was just too good a brag to hide from the public!

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