Thursday, March 2, 2006


As I looked at these images (thanks, Jim — I think…), the thought that came first to mind is that these kids go home to momma and poppa, at least occasionally. I believe I can safely say that I don’t know any parents who would allow their child to do something like this to themselves.

But there must be parents who do. Who are they? Enquiring minds want to know…

These photos reminded me of a personal experience… I used to stay overnight frequently in Lake Forest, California, and in the mornings it was my habit to visit the Starbucks next door to my motel for my coffee. Morning coffee, for me, is a necessity, not a luxury. Many mornings the clerk was a young woman I named “Metal Woman” because she was festooned with metal parts. She was inordinately proud of her metallic accessories — dozens of them on her face and ears, about 10 in her tongue, and suspicious looking bumps nearly everywhere under her clothing. On one memorable visit, Metal Woman was chatting with a non-metallic friend, very casually and openly talking about her metalwork in — ahem — places that aren’t usually discussed in public. I heard quite a few details that I really wish I had never been educated about, such as the hygenic challenges raised by metal piercings frequently bathed in urine.

Somehow my coffee didn’t seem quite so tasty on that morning…

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