Sunday, February 5, 2006

Moonbats with BDS

Are you familiar with It’s one of the top two or three liberal sites on the web, along with MoveOn and DailyKos. For anyone with a libertarian or conservative mindset, a visit to these sites is like a visit to a lunatic asylum. Rarely do you see any well-reasoned arguments or interesting debates; mainly these are places where liberals go to rant and rave, and to share fevered and fantastic delusions. Every time I visit one of these sites, I come away worried about the future of mankind — and I mean that quite seriously. My fear stems from the apparent fact that people who “reason” like the ones posting on these sites appear to be in the ascendancy in the Democratic Party — one of the two great political parties of this nation. And the leaders of that party don’t seem to be far removed from this crowd (think Howard Dean).

What does that say about our future? I have trouble coming up with any likely good consequences. Mostly, it’s just scary.

If you accuse me of overreacting, I offer you this example, spotted in a visit this morning:


Is Rove Planning a Terror Attack on the Super Bowl?

Submitted by Bob Fertik on February 3, 2006

The White House is being way too quiet today, and the silence is eerie.

Sure, Bush is on the road talking about “competitiveness.” But he might as well be talking about Mah Jong for all anyone cares.

Bad things happen when Bush is babbling about things he cares nothing about - sometimes very bad things.

Remember 9/11? That morning, Bush was babbling about education in a Florida classroom, as if Mr. “Is Our Children Learning?” gave a crap. He learned about the first plane crashing into the WTC at 8:46 a.m. - he twice said he saw it live, which of course no one else did - yet at 9:00 a.m. he walked right into the classroom as scheduled. And right after the second plane hit at 9:05 a.m. - which everyone except Bush saw live on TV - Andy Card whispered in Bush’s ear that “America is under attack.” Yet Bush didn’t flinch; he just kept reading “My Pet Goat” with the kids for another 10-20 minutes. He then gave a horrible TV statement and flew as far from Washington as he could. But a few days later, Karl Rove put him before the cameras with rescue workers on Ground Zero, put a bullhorn in his hand, and instantly transformed him from a clueless coward to a “hero."


But security preparations for this Super Bowl are getting a lot less media coverage than the last 3 did.

Which leads me to ask: is Karl Rove planning a terrorist attack during the Super Bowl, in order to set the stage for building towards war with Iran over the coming year?


If Rove wants a war with Iran, he will have to manufacture it, because Iran (like Iraq in 2002) is not trying to provoke a war.

And how better to manufacture a war than to manufacture a terrorist attack on the Super Bowl right while the whole world is watching - and blame it on Iran?

Of course, Rove will have to be very creative this time, beyond even painting a U.S. plane in the colors of the U.N. (Perhaps a “Canadian” submarine will float up the Detroit River? Watch it live!) The FBI is prepared for just about anything - Special Agent William Kowalski says “there are no credible threats against the Super Bowl” - and does not want to be humiliated yet again. Rove’s plan would have to be so evil as to justify yet one more farcical White House claim that “no one could possibly have imagined” such a horrendous thing.

I pray that I am wrong. But ever since Karl Rove plucked Bush out of his drunken stupor to groom him for a career delivering speeches fed to him through an earpiece, just about everything I feared has come true.

The ellipses (…) in the excerpt above indicate places where I’ve deleted some content I thought irrelevant. Please follow the link in the header to read the unedited version, as originally posted on

How far gone with BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome) does someone have to be in order to actually believe something like this? So far as I can tell, the author of this piece has completely lost his ability to think and to reason. He appears to accept as facts obvious falsehoods, and to reflexively dismiss as false anything asserted by a Republican.

I am certainly not a mental health expert, but I believe it is the case that one of the major diagnostic indications for severe mental disturbance is a disconnection between objective reality and an individual’s perceptions of reality. And that seems to me to be exactly what’s going on here.

The really frightening thing is how many of these folks there are. Visit the three sites I’ve linked to see for yourself. Advice: I find this much more tolerable after a drink or three.

The real ponder: are the inmates on display at these sites going to take over the asylum?


  1. In the old blog, Anonymous said:
    I don’t visit those websites, but do consider myself (fairly) liberal (although not a democrat). And reading your commentary before the quote I was reminded of many conservative websites. Have you ever read the forums at Free Republic? I don’t think any political party is immune to crazies and extremists spouting off nonsense on the internet

  2. In the old blog, SlightlyLoony said:
    Fair enough — certainly there are crazies and raving madmen of all political stripes. But…I do think there is a clearly observable difference here, and it has to do with the relative prominence of the moonbats. “Free Republic” isn’t even close to representing the mainstream of conservativism or liberalism. If you look at the most highly rated liberal sites, and compare them to the most highly rated conservative sites, I think you’d agree with me that the quality of the discussion is significantly different. Surely it’s true that the most popular sites represent the mainstream of the various political persuasions — and by this measure, in my opinion, the liberal moonbats stand out in a striking manner.Unfortunately for all of us.