Friday, February 10, 2006

Michelle vs. the Rabbits

For the past few days, my blog has had many more visitors than usual, thanks mainly to a link from Michelle Malkin to my post (along with posts from many other bloggers) of the infamous Danish cartoons. In addition, search engines (especially Yahoo, for some reason) have also referred many visitors to that post. Obviously the controversy over the cartoons has generated a lot of interest in the subject.

But this morning when I looked at my blog’s visitor statistics, I see that things are back to normal after the blogburst over the cartoons: rabbits are on top. Specifically, rabbit photos. People keep finding (usually through Google Image searches) two posts I made last summer (here and here). For months (except for the past few days), these pages have been the number one reason why visitors come to my blog.

And this morning, they’re number one again.


But on a happier note: a big, hearty “Congratulations!” to Michelle Malkin: she will be getting the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute’s Woman of the Year Award on Saturday at the Conservative Political Action Conference. And a tip of the hat to the Institute for making such a great choice…

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