Thursday, January 12, 2006

A Wife's Tears

Watching Mrs. Alito quietly crying during Senator Graham’s apology for the behavior of Senators Ted Kennedy and Chuck Schumer was one of the most painful political events I’ve endured. Anybody with a even a vestigal human heart left can’t help but sympathize with her. And anyone with even a shred of common sense, listening to the two champion democratic bloviators thunder on, realizes that their ad hominem attacks are completely without substance and all about perceived political gain (mostly blatantly pandering to their base).

Meanwhile, in a display of illogic and over-the-top spinning that has even this curmudgeonly political watcher simply stunned, the lefties are positioning this sad incident as having been caused by Senator Graham’s apology. If this is (as I suspect) 100% spin that not a one of them actually believes, then it’s yet another watermark in a the past few year’s series of new records for political bottom-seeking. On the other hand, if the lefties actually believe this drivel they’re pushing, then I am truly beginning to believe that there are two species here: homo sapiens (rightus) and homo sapiens (leftus)

Meanwhile, I’m left with a sense of sadness — not just for Sam Alito and his family, but also for the country. That our political “discourse” descends to the levels it did in yesterday’s hearings is to nobody’s credit. What Ted Kennedy and Chuck Schumer did was outrageous and reprehensible. But so too was the fact that the rest of their colleagues didn’t shout them down, didn’t immediately condemn them, didn’t shut down the hearings in protest, didn’t get up and walk out, escorting the Alitos with them. The near-silence (Graham excepted) of the other members of the committee speaks volumes about what has become acceptable in today’s politics.

A pox on them all, but on Ted Kennedy and Chuck Schumer first, please.

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