Thursday, January 19, 2006

Random Thought

This morning’s news of the Al Qaida leaders killed in the Pakistan strike a few days ago got me to thinking about the internal reactions of the Al Qaida leadership. Such a successful demonstration of our intelligence gathering capability must be sobering. Not to mention our ability to drop a few bombs with pinpoint accuracy at one of the most remote sites in the world, on very short notice.

But on the flip side, imagine what it must be like for the Al Qaida leadership to watch CNN’s reporting of American politics. What do you suppose is going through Osama Bin Laden’s mind as he’s watching (say) Ted Kennedy bloviating? On one level, I’d imagine he’s quite amused at the silliness of his enemies. On another level — and this is disturbing — the moonbats in powerful positions must be very encouraging to him. Seen from Al Qaida-land, the moonbats are basically on Al Qaida’s side of the global war on terror, opposing just about any effective tactic that comes along. Al Gore’s recent speech on the NSA wiretapping is a terrific example of this. Here’s a formerly-secret program that’s been effective stopping Al Qaida attacks — and the moonbat Democrats have not only revealed the program’s existence (remember, moonbat political beliefs were at the core of the leaker’s motivation), but they’re now actively trying to stop the program.

Al Qaida has friends in high places.

How depressing.

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