Sunday, December 18, 2005

Christmas Dogs

At right are you can see a collection of four not-particularly-happy dogs. From left to right, there’s Lea, Mo’i, Jet, and Daisy Mae. The first two are ours; the second two belong to our good friend Sharon Shepard.

Lea, Mo’i, and Daisy Mae are all agility dogs of varied accomplishment — with Daisy Mae being the studly jumper/weaver/runner amongst them. Jet is still just a puppy (as was obvious trying to get him to stand still for this photo session!), but one fine day he too will run an agility course.

Looking at these pictures, don’t you just wonder what kind of loony would do this to his dog? Their expressions tell you exactly what they think of this evolution!

As usual, click on the small photo to get a larger version.

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