Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Stereo Image

This is not an anaglyph, and you don’t need any special glasses to view it. You just need to learn how to view it, and most people don’t find it very difficult — just a little weird. Here’s how you view it:

First, sit a comfortable viewing distance from the screen, as close as you can without straining your eyes to focus on the picture.

Then orient yourself so that the border between the two pictures at right is directly in front of your eyes, both vertically and horizontally.

Easy so far — but now comes the tricky part. “Cross” your eyes until you see three pictures, instead of two. You will probably have to move your head slightly, and change the amount you’ve crossed your eyes, to get everything to line up, but when you do, the center picture of the three will be a 3D picture with full depth — it kind of “pops” right out of the screen, visually.

This works much better with the larger view you get when you click on the little photo…

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