Monday, October 24, 2005

Making Us Crazy

Early this morning I cut up a big pork loin roast into cubes and stuffed it into our slow-cooker, along with some onion, garlic, cumin, and a chipotle pepper. Ten hours later — about 5 hours from now — we will have carnitas, probably my all-time favorite Mexican food.

But in the meantime, the delicious, intoxicating aroma of cooking carnitas is wafting through our house. And it’s making us crazy. Crazier, anyway.

Somehow the dogs don’t seem to care about this smell. Isn’t that weird? With their sensitive noses, I figured the intense meatness of this smell would reduce them to quivering, whining, begging lumps of canine protoplasm. But they’re asleep, as though nothing were going on.

Go figure!

Update: Well, maybe the dogs knew something we didn’t. Despite the glorious odor while it was cooking, the resulting carnitas were less than excellent. Not even very good. In fact, they were just barely on the right side of awful. Somewhere between the slow-cookery and the final saute, something went horribly wrong…

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