Friday, September 16, 2005

Galloway Slapped Down

Way down. Christopher Hitchens (at Slate) slaps George Galloway into a deep, hole in the ground! An excerpt:

Galloway's preferred style is that of vulgar ad hominem insult, usually uttered while a rather gaunt crew of minders stands around him. I have a thick skin and a broad back and no bodyguards. He says that I am an ex-Trotskyist (true), a "popinjay" (true enough, since its original Webster's definition means a target for arrows and shots), and that I cannot hold a drink (here I must protest). In a recent interview he made opprobrious remarks about the state of my midriff, which I will confess has—as P.G. Wodehouse himself once phrased it—"slipped down to the mezzanine floor." In reply I do not wish to stoop. Those of us who revere the vagina are committed to defend it against the very idea that it is a mouth or has teeth. Study the photographs of Galloway from Syrian state television, however, and you will see how unwise and incautious it is for such a hideous person to resort to personal remarks. Unkind nature, which could have made a perfectly good butt out of his face, has spoiled the whole effect by taking an asshole and studding it with ill-brushed fangs.

Sheesh, I hope I never piss off Mr. Hitchens! The rest of this column is just as good, though for different reasons — you really don't want to miss it (at the link above).

A tip of the hat to Saint Paul, at Fraters Libertas; I wouldn't have found it without you...

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