Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Chuck hit, but ok

Chuck Ziegenfuss is a 'milblogger' — an active-duty soldier who was, until very recently, deployed in Iraq. He's been posting regularly from Iraq, and his blog ("From My Position... On the way!") has long been on my daily reading list. Around June 20th (I'm not sure of the exact date), Chuck was injured by an IED; badly but not life-threatening. He was evacuated immediately to Germany, and a few days later to Walter Reed, where he is now. He's started the series of surgeries to repair the damage done, and he's being visited by his family, including his wife Carren.

Though I found myself reacting very strongly to the fact of Chuck's injury (because I "know" him through his blogging), I haven't posted about it before — too many other people were saying the same things that I would have, and better. And that's largely still true. But over the past few days, Chuck's blog is still being updated — not by him (his injuries, of course, prevent that), but instead by his wife. Carren has made several posts since Chuck's injury, and they are both inspiring and interesting for their content, and for the straightforward view they provide into what happens when one of our soldiers is injured. Reading her posts, you just can't help admiring her pluck and positive attitude.

Go read Carren here and at the blog everyday.

And please don't forget to include Chuck and all our injured warriors in your thoughts, prayers, and actions (including some of Carren's suggestions)...

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