Wednesday, May 18, 2005

S.S. Estonia

Scott at BalticBlog has a new post about a Swedish exhibition on the tragic sinking of the ferry S.S. Estonia eleven years ago. He also posts an excellent historical article that I have reproduced in its entirety here. He comments:

Pain, definately. Controversy, no. Not among people that don't fall easily to conspiracy stories. Even if the ferries from Estonia were carrying Soviet military gear from time to time, there's no evidence, so far, that this particular vessel was carrying such equipment. Even if, so what? The Soviet Union had the ship blown up? The Americans, who were to receive the supposed equipment? Heh.

Read both his post and the article...

The picture at right is of the bell on a monument to the people lost on the S.S. Estonia. This monument is located on a spit of land on the Estonian island of Hiiumaa — the closest piece of Estonian land to the site of the sinking. I've visited this monument a half dozen or so times, each time I've visited Hiiumaa; I find it very moving in its lonely, windswept location...

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