Friday, May 6, 2005

Protest babes

...and he's brought us a nice collection of protest babe photos. Along with some words of "protest babe wisdom":

A few words, though, before we begin. If any of you think only the Christian women of Lebanon walk around without their own portable tents, forget that. It’s isn’t even close to true. My hotel was on the Muslim side of Beirut and I saw almost as many modern-looking women on that side of the city as I saw in the Christian areas. Even Hezbollah doesn’t mandate the veil or the hijab.

Two Hezbollah groupies invited me to have coffee with them downtown. We argued rather passionately about politics, as you can imagine, but they were good sports about it. They gave me a Cuban cigar as I went on my way, but first one of them asked me: “So, whaddaya think of our women, eh?” and elbowed me good-naturedly in the ribs. Lebanon ain’t Saudi.

Hat tip to Publius Pundit for the pointer...

P.S. There's a semi-serious side to looking for (if not at the protest babes) when the protest babes show up for the revolution, recent experience suggests that the revolution is going to succeed. And if they don't show up, not.


  1. In the old blog, Anonymous said:

  2. In the old blog, Mohamed S. Chbaro said:
    Hi,Just crossed your blog and it strikes me knowing that pitiful Hezbullah groupies even dared (not only inviting) but even going downtown Beirut — simply not their own backyard!Downtown Beirut has been revamped and re-constructured by the mainstream of Beirut’s Moslem 'Sunni' not 'Shia' majority. THEIR TIMES are undoubtedly declining with the Syrian’s overwhelming hand on Lebanon finally taking a stupendous big blow, now that they are kicked out of the Lebanon :)PS: Nice pic btw....but I can still come up with much better stuff from here, if needed.Cheers All,