Wednesday, May 11, 2005

More mass graves

But the American liberal left somehow has managed to keep their blinders on with respect to the ongoing discoveries and investigations of Saddam's seemingly innumerable mass graves. The MSM pays far more attention, of course, to the current events — especially any that make Americans look bad.

The last credible reckoning of Saddam's mass graves that I saw gave the running total of his victims as over 800,000 — while estimating that only one quarter of the grave sites had yet been discovered. Iraqi authorities believe that very large undiscovered mass grave sites remain in (especially) the southern marshlands and in the Kurdish areas. Undisputedly there are many hundreds of thousands of people who simply disappeared during Saddam's reign and whose remains have never been discovered.

Where is the American left's outrage about these deaths? How can they miss the fact that the human cost of Saddam's reign was enormously higher than the human cost of taking Saddam out? What philosophical or moral calculus are they using that enables them to weigh these facts and condemn America?

Meanwhile, Free Iraqi has his own comments on the mass graves. Read the whole thing, but here's his conclusion:

Still, the mass graves are now the most striking evidence of Saddam's regime brutality and they show in a way the size of death and destruction this regime was bringing to Iraq on a daily basis. I say they show, and I mean to the rest of the world, as we don't need any evidence to tell us we were living in Hell.

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