Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Betting pool

The Strategy Page is full of good stuff every day, including a daily news report on the war in Iraq. I've excerpted today's report below. I was especially interested to read the end of the report:

May 4, 2005; The capture of al Qaeda leader Abu Musab Zarqawi’s laptop computer last month has led to a series of additional raids, which resulted in many al Qaeda members killed or captured, and the seizure of still more documents. Among those documents was a letter from one of Zarqawi’s subordinates to his boss. There are complaints of poor leadership and lack of direction. The letter writer says that all Zarqawi calls for are more and more suicide bomb attacks, without any apparent strategy. The subordinate complains that he does not even see Zarqawi anymore. This is understandable, because the growing number of Sunni Arabs disenchanted with terrorism, have been giving more and better tips to the Iraqi police. This has led to more raids that are getting closer to nailing Zarqawi himself, who is spending most of his time evading capture. Tellingly, some American intelligence officers in Iraq have set up a betting pool on when Zarqawi will be caught.

I wonder what date has the lowest return? I hope it's something like tomorrow or the day after!

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