Saturday, April 16, 2005

Those annoying liberals

Rob Koons of Right Reason has analyzed emails and posts by liberals to come up with the ten things he really hates about liberals:

  1. Liberals invariably charge their critics with the straw man fallacy, no matter how tight the fit between the criticism and the words and deeds of real liberals.

  2. Liberals are quick to distance themselves from their wacko spokesman (Michael Moore, Ward Churchill) whenever these spokesman are attacked by the right, but liberals will never initiate such criticism, holding fast to the maxim of pas d’enemi à gauche.

  3. Liberals love to play hard-ball politics, until they get beaned themselves.

  4. Liberals complain incessantly that conservatives don't know or understand them yet have never spent more than five minutes listening to conservatives or reading their works.

  5. Liberals are apt to label conservatives hateful, confusing vigorous rebuttal of liberal thought with personal attacks on liberals themselves.

  6. Liberals make extremely intemperate remarks, while holding conservatives to a standard of politeness so stringent as to make Emily Post squirm with anxiety.

  7. Liberals never bother to check their facts, since they know that only ignoramuses disagree with them.

  8. Liberals are boring, since all they ever have to say is "yada, yada, yada, yada,..." [Sorry, I stopped listening after the second 'yada'.]

  9. Liberals object vehemently to any attempt by conservatives to make generalizations about liberals, no matter how apt the generalization might be.

  10. Liberals have absolutely no sense of humor. They never laugh -- they only smirk.

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