Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Holding their feet to the fire

Every year around this time, local conservative talk show host (and recovering politician and recovering lawyer) Roger Hedgecock leads a trip to Washington, DC with a group of "citizen lobbyists". He calls these trips the "Hold their feet to the fire" trips; the goal is to get in the face of our elected representatives on a focused issue. This year the issue is "Secure the border first!"

I've been following this year's trip, as in past years, by listening to Rogers show (on KOGO AM 600 here in San Diego). I just discovered that there is coverage on the web, complete with pictures like the one at right.

This year, Roger is doing something different: he's built from the successful experience of the Gray Davis recall/Schwarzenegger election to network with 18 other conservative radio talk show hosts. They are all their together, along with over 400 citizen lobbyists. Today is the last broadcast of this year's trip, at 3pm Pacific time (you can listen on the Internet from Roger's site, linked above).

A tip o' the hat to Michelle Malkin's Immigration Blog for the pointer to news in my own backyard!

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