Friday, April 15, 2005

Free Iraq: the poem

Ali and his Free Iraqi blog are always interesting reading. But he's outdone himself with a poem on the second anniversary of the liberation of Iraq. The last two verses:

I see with my own eyes this other "they"
And I call them simply, Americans.
What are they paying me?
Oh, you couldn't afford that!
Saddam couldn't afford it.
Sadr cannot afford it.
"They" think any of these can?
Could their "they" even try!?

Two years and some are still
Trapped in the past
And some cannot withstand the moment
And want to arrive without struggle to a better future
While others just enjoy what is already better now
And work to meet the future, bettered with them.
Two years and they ask Should I be grateful?
Am I?
Do I even need to answer that!?
YES, and to the last breath!

Read the whole thing, even if you (like I) are not a big poetry fan.

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