Thursday, April 28, 2005

An Egyptian on Islam

One of the factors exacerbating the terrorism problem is that the majority of Muslims (or at least their organizations) refuse to condemn in any substantive way the actions of the terrorists — the vast majority of whom use Islam as the justification for their actions. This is complicity, plain and simple. And it isn't helping.

One could imagine a much different situation, in which Muslim leaders around the world roundly condemned terrorism in any form (including that employed against Israel). They could urge their flocks to work against terrorism by informing on the terrorists, by refraining from contributing, etc.

Instead we have a situation where the Islamic organizations are actively engaged — directly or indirectly — in the promotion of terrorism. And very, very few Islamic or Arabic voices are raised against terrorism

All of this context makes Sandmonkey's rantings all the more to be cherished:

Stop repeating that Islam is a word that comes from peace, and that the only problem Islam has is the misconceptions of the ignorant west. You know it’s not true. Islam means submission, and while the west has its wrong misconceptions about it, it still has its share of problems, whether in the sharia, the people practicing it or in the Islamic culture as it is known today. It’s time to stop pointing fingers, stop making excuses, or point to other religions and cultures and say “They do it too!” or “Look at the problems they are having, is that any better?” The fact that there are other people doing wrong things doesn’t excuse the wrong things you do. Sorry, but that’s just the way it is. Break Time is over people. We have serious problems and we need serious people to solve them in the Islamic world. And yes, I am talking to you!

Right on, Sandmonkey!
Read the whole thing, and leave him a nice comment, won't you?

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