Sunday, April 17, 2005

Coulter Time

Matt Drudge is reporting that Ann Coulter will be on the cover of Time magazine:

Ann Coulter epitomizes the way politics is now discussed on the airwaves, where opinions must come violently fast and cause as much friction as possible, TIME’s John Cloud claims in this week’s cover story.

No one, right or left, delivers the required apothegmatic commentary on the world with as much glee or effectiveness as Coulter, Cloud writes (on newsstands Monday, April 18).

It is almost impossible to watch her and not be sluiced into rage or elation, depending on your views. As a congressional staff member 10 years ago, Coulter used to help write the nation’s laws.

Now she is far more powerful: she helps set the nation’s tone. TIME’s Cloud had unprecedented access to Coulter.

He goes more than 6,000 words.

And he appears to come away liking her.

"On TV or in person, you can trust that Coulter will speak from her heart. The officialdom of punditry, so full of phonies and dullards, would suffer without her humor and fire. Which is not to say you don't want to shut her up occasionally," Cloud notes.

Well, how about that. A prominent conservative not embroiled in controversy on the cover of Time. Way to go, Ann!

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