Thursday, March 31, 2005

Tell me it ain't so!

Would you believe that 11 illegal aliens could board an U.S. airliner with minimal ID? Bryan Preston posts this scary report on Michelle Malkin's great new Immigration Blog.

The good news is that an air marshal's vigilence led to the capture of these illegal aliens, and they are now detained pending a deportation hearing (and after they're deported they'll probably bounce right back in, but that's another story). The bad news is that they got on that plane in the first place. As Bryan reports it:

Good for the air marshalls on this one, but bad for airline security. Read that second paragraph again--how did the illegals get on that plane? By presenting a "Mexican voter registration card that contained a name, age and photo." That should not be sufficient ID to board a plane in the post-911 United States. And yet it is.

Chances are, by the way, that the "voter registration card" in this story is actually a matricula consular card. Those cards are issued by the Mexican government to...well...just about anyone:

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