Thursday, March 3, 2005

A SecState to be proud of

Mentioned in a short-but-sweet post at PowerLine:

Reader Carol Herman has forwarded the email message to her son from Charles Hampton, one of the Marines detailed to provide security for Secretary of State Rice in in Jerusalem last month. On the morning of her departure, the Marines positioned themselves to have a photograph taken with Secretary Rice. The forwarded message reports that "she shook every one of our hands, looked us square in the eye, and said, 'thank you for your service.'" Hampton comments: "boy, i don't care what else she might do, i'm behind her 100%! that little, personal touch felt SO good."

Among the few and the proud is Charles Hampton, second from the right in the photograph above. Coincidentally, The Age reports: "Iraq dents Marines' recruitment drive." Shouldn't this photograph be used in the Marines' recruiting efforts?

Note: click on the picture at right to get a larger version of it...

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