Sunday, March 20, 2005

Outrageous Chavez

I put "president" in scare quotes because Chavez was not elected in a free and fair election, Jimmy Carter's opinion on the matter notwithstanding. The London Times online has a lengthy article about Chavez's preparation for a confrontation with the U.S. — a confrontation that Chavez has been loudly accusing the U.S. of provoking. Shades of North Korea.

Anyway, in that article are these stunners allegedly uttered by Chavez. The context is not clear from the article, but a close read suggests they were copied from state TV broadcasts:

Assassination: “If they kill me, there will be a really guilty party on this planet whose name is the President of the United States, George Bush”

Bush’s Administration: “It is a mafia, a true mafia of murderers”

Cuba: “I am the second Fidel Castro of Latin America”

Capitalism: “The Devil’s economic model . . . The capitalist exploitation model has destroyed oceans, entire oceans”

Saddam Hussein: “A brother”

Condoleezza Rice: “I cannot marry Condolencia (condolence), because I am much too busy. I have heard she dreams about me”

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