Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Cedar Revolution

The "Cedar Revolution" in Lebanon continues, and down (so far as I can tell) an entirely admirable path. The BBC coverage, amazingly, was the best I could find (several stories and lots of photos are up there). Events are proceeding so rapidly there that it's very difficult to keep up.

The beeb had this to say about the resignation of the current Lebanese government:

The cabinet resigned two weeks after the killing of the former Lebanese Prime Minister, Rafik Hariri.

"We want an interim cabinet to uncover the truth about Hariri's assassination, draft a law and oversee elections this spring," opposition MP Ghassan Mukheiber told the AFP news agency.

The lawmaker stressed that Syria must withdraw its troops - which have been in Lebanon for some 30 years - before the elections.

The opposition is also calling for the resignation of a number of senior officials in Lebanon's security services.

Isn't it wonderful what can happen when "the people" realize that they actually are empowered?

By the way, the photo at right is of a woman protester in Lebanon. The graphic on her cheek is of the Lebanese flag, which has a stylized "Lebanon cedar" on it. That cedar is the traditional national symbol of Lebanon...

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