Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Around the world

Steve Fosset — adventurer extraordinaire — is at it again! He's in the air on an attempt to be the first to make a non-stop solo plane trip around the world. If all goes well, he'll be back at his Salina, Kansas starting point sometime tomorrow.

From a Fox News article:

Fossett was over Pakistan at 49,500 feet around 11 p.m. EST, traveling east at 390 mph.

His experimental single-engine GlobalFlyer (search) had consumed 25 percent of its 18,000 pounds of fuel, while Fossett had downed at least three diet chocolate milkshakes. The jet took off after sunset Monday from Salina.

"At this time everything is going very well, I'm very happy with the situation and I think we've got a good chance," Fossett said during a call from the plane, according to his Web site.

Fossett's mission control in Salina estimated he will complete the 23,000-mile journey at midday Thursday.

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