Tuesday, February 22, 2005

How did Jamul get its name?

With a half-hour of googling, I could find very little information on the web about the origins of the name "Jamul". I did locate this site: Silvas in Old Town San Diego, which makes the assertion that Jamul is derived from "hamull", a Kumeyaay word that means "greens used for food". The site says further that the Kumeyaay named places according to what they saw at that place. They make no citations about sources for this information (though there are citations for other things, and a bibliography), so I have no way to judge its accuracy.

As I was doing this research, I happened across a paper posted on the San Diego Historical Society site about a piece of Jamulian history I'd never heard of: the Jamul Portland Cement Works. It's a fascinating read if you're interested in the small details of local history. But a search of the San Diego Historical Society's site led to an even more interesting article about the Jamul Massacre of 1837. I had no idea any such thing had occurred here!

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