Thursday, February 24, 2005

Colleen has a brand-new baby girl!

Sierra Lynn was born this past Saturday morning, and momma Colleen and baby went home on Monday. All is well, everybody is doing great. Colleen reports that Sierra is "an absolute joy, even if she does keep us awake at all hours." Somehow I'm not surprised that momma feels this way about her new baby!

For those of you who don't know Colleen, she and I have worked together now for quite a few years at two different companies. She is one of FutureTrade's product managers, with lots of very specialized knowledge and skills in some really arcane parts of the trading world — strange things that most people don't even know exists, such as FIX protocol, OATS reports, and the clearing process. She's also one of the FutureTrade folk scattered around the globe: she lives in Florida with her husband, who is a Navy pilot and was one of our brave warriors in Iraq.

All of us in her "FutureTrade family" are vicariously sharing in just the tiniest little bit of her joy and happiness...

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